Your show booth comes with:

1. One (1) 30 x 72 draped table and two (2) chairs

2. 8’w x 8’h black draped curtain behind booths in Dome Room

3. Two (2) show passes. (Additional passes available)

4. Electrical connection is included

5. Free Wifi connection is included with your booth

6. Promotion of your participation on our website

7. Promotion of your brand/products on our Facebook page

As a show exhibitor you will
receive these additional benefits:

1. Your instruments or products will be seen by 1,500+ prospective customers

2. A great show location – very high-end venue with great amenities

3. An easy access location

4. A very affluent area

The Acoustic Cafe

In response to our acoustic builders concerns over the venue being too loud we have a second show room, The Acoustic Cafe. Only acoustic instrument builders and dealers will be in this room, first come first served.

This room will allow for a much quieter experience for meeting prospective buyers. We will promote this new room specifically as part of the Expo marketing.

Early bird savings for booth space is available!

Cost is… At our previous show the booths sold out before the early bird date so don’t wait too long.

Expo Booth Pricing

  • A single Booth space is
  • A double Booth space is
  • All booths are first come, first served. Booth locations will be determined by Northeast Guitar Expo.

Great area for a high-end guitar show!

Stay tuned for information on our next show!

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